Punsand Bay Caravan Park, Punsand Bay, QLD

Day 224 – 28th September 2011
Punsand Bay Caravan Park, Punsand Bay, QLD

This morning we had a chat to fellow campers to gather more info on the next 2 creek crossings along the OTT. We were told by the hiring company not to go on the OTT except the part to Eliot Falls but were not sure whether we needed to backtrack or if we could continue a little further to another side road leading to the Northern Bypass Road. All seemed good to continue on so off we went on our next 4WD adventure. Both Canal and Sam creek crossings were easy after the advice we received and Andrew waded through them before crossing to check for any pot holes. The water level reached to the top of the wheels so a bit deeper than previous crossings we did but still fine. It’s amazing how crystal clear the water is in these crossing – good for spotting crocodiles if there would be any around! Back on the bypass road we continued on to the Jardine River Ferry ($88 per car – cash only but fuel you can pay with credit card). Now we have reached the Northern Peninsula Area. We stopped at Injinoo to have a look at the coast before continuing on to Bamaga and Seisa. We had lunch at Loyalty Beach and afterwards drove further north to stay at Punsand Bay Caravan Park. A stop at the croc tent along the way is good to get some local info on the area and road conditions and for some souvenir shopping (T-shirts and stubby holders to prove you have made it to the top). Punsand Bay Caravan Park provided us with a shower and nice scenery.

OTT - you can see one of he old telegraph poles  on the left
Andrew checking the depth and for rocks - Canal Crossing, OTT
It's always good to watch other cars go through first - Canal Crossing, OTT
....and we made it.  Nele was a bit late with the photo as she was filming the crossing
after canal crossing most people turn left, these people decided
they wanted a bit more adventure and climbed this section back onto the OTT, Crazy
Approaching Sam Crossing, OTT
Checking the depth and for rocks again
Sam Crossing, OTT
......here we go, little bit of a drop
Sam Crossing, OTT
....not too bad once your in
Sam Crossing, OTT
end of the OTT for us, we are taking the bypass road out onto the NDR
NDR in sight
Boarding the Jardine River Ferry
Jardine River
Beach - Inijinoo
Seisa Wharf
Beach at Seisa Wharf
View from Seisa Wharf
Loyalty Beac
Croc Tent
Punsand Bay
Local Kids having fun, Punsand Bay
Local Kids enjoying the Beach
Relaxing at Punsand Bay
Campsite - Punsand Bay

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