Captain Billy Landing Campsite, Jardine River National Park, QLD

Day 222 – 26th September 2011
Captain Billy Landing Campsite, Jardine River National Park, QLD

On our way back to Weipa we detoured to have a look at Pennefather River. The drive in was a little bumpy and we almost got bogged in the sand at the end, but the scenery was very much worth the drive. In hindsight we should have camped here last night, but the visitor information centre wasn't writing any permits out as the rangers were not providing them any info on the road conditions. Back in Weipa we did some grocery shopping, filled up with fuel and water and after lunch we were on our way again. We took the road from York Homestead to Batavia Downs, a short cut when open to get back on the NDR. We passed Moreton Telegraph Station and stopped at Bramwell Junction. Here is the start of the Old Telegraph Track (OTT – the remnants of the original telegraph track that was constructed through the centre of Cape York during the 1880’s to facilitate the telegraph line from Cairns to Thursday Island. Now the track is popular with 4WD enthusiasts as it crosses many creeks and provides some difficult & interesting challenges along the way such as Gunshot and Nolan’s Brook  (you will have to be prepared to take your car through creeks with water up to the top of your bonnet – so don’t stop or get stuck or you’ll soon be towing out a very wet vehicle.), however we are taking the bypass road. We checked what the road conditions were like to get to Captain Billy Landing, our campsite for the night (okay but corrugated). Two lookouts along the drive gave spectacular views of the surrounding area and the campsite. It was quite late when we arrived as we usually aim to set up camp by 5pm at the latest, but were happy we decided to continue on this far – a nice camping spot.

Sunset at Cullen Point, Mapoon
A couple of curious kangaroos - road into Pennefather river
Getting a bit Sandy - road into Pennefather river
If we go any further forward, we'll have to let the tryres down,
so we've decided to walk from here
Beach - Pennefather River
The drive towards another section of Beach at Pennefather River  where you can camp
Camping Ground at Pennefather River
View from Pennefather River Campground
Nele relaxing in the shade
The drive out of Pennefather River
Rio Tinto Alcan train
 carrying bauxite - main component in the manufacturing of aluminium
Red Beach - apparently quite a few crocs reside here
Doesn't deter the local fisherman, especially the one with his back turned
Crossing back over the bridge into Weipa following the mining train
Back on the dirt heading north 
Moreton Telegraph Station
Poem to a former overseer of the station
The beginning of the OTT, Bramwell Junction
For those 4WD enthusiasts willing to put their vehicle through maneuvers  which require some experience and a willingness to possibly do some serious damage
Bramwell Junction
The corrugaaaaatioooons.....
Lookout - driving into Captain Billy's Landing
Captain Billy's Landing
Captain Billy's Landing
Captain Billy's Landing
Campsite - Captain Billy's Landing

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