Credition Campground, Eungella National Park, QLD

Day 244 – 18th October 2011
Credition Campground, Eungella National Park, QLD

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t doing us any favours but we decided to head up to Eungella NP none the less to check it out. It’s a steep winding road where we drove through the mist and clouds to reach Eungella. At the top we couldn’t see much at all but decided to stop at the Sky Window lookout anyway in a slim hope we maybe able to see something but no the view was all white. Attempting to make the most of it we drove further onto Broken River to spot some platypus, but again no luck, we were there at the wrong time of day. Not having much luck we decided to bunker down for a few hours over lunch and watch a movie hoping the weather would clear a little. It did clear somewhat for a couple of hours and we were able to see across the valley at the Sky Window lookout – very pretty and would be quite something on a sunny day. Again we drove back to Broken River to spot some platypus and after some very patiently waiting around for 45mins we were able to spot a platypus carrying out it’s daily routine of searching for food. Nele was very excited and has been longing to see a platypus since visiting Yungaburra (Atherton Tablelands) where we had no luck. Next we drove out to the Credition campground along the circuit drive to camp for the night.

Misty view of Pioneer Valley

Trying to spot a platypus

Nothing to be seen...

... except some turtles

Second attempt at Sky Window Lookout

And yes we have a bit of a view of the valley



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