Big Rock Camp, Bartle Frere Trail, Wooroonooran National Park, QLD

Day 235 – 9th October 2011
Big Rock Camp, Bartle Frere Trail, Wooroonooran National Park, QLD

Well we thought we would get a good sleep at this secluded park but didn’t take into account that someone might throw a party at the neighbouring private property. So with not much sleep, we got up early and drove to Josephine Falls where the overnight Bartle Frere Trail starts. We started walking around 7:30 and walked to Big Rock Camp (base camp – 3km - 1h45) located next to a creek, a good spot to top up your water supplies and have a swim to cool down. After a short rest we left our hiking gear at base camp and took our day pack to climb Broken Nose a 520m climb over 2km distance (922m ABSL) which offered wonderful views towards the coast and surroundings. Here we had lunch before heading back down to base camp to set up the tent and have a refreshing swim.  The remainder of the day we relaxed after all the climbing is this sticky hot weather and had a nice simple pasta meal for tea. We went to bed early, tired from the day’s walking, however not before noticing the many fireflies (glow worms) hovering around the rainforest.

We arrived early morning at Josephine Falls

Ready for our walk

Tricky creek crossing

Walking in the rainforest

We arrived at base camp

Which way should we go?

Walk to Broken Nose

At the top of Broken Nose

Nice views

Nice views

Having a rest at the top

and lunch

Back at base camp setting up the tent

Cooling off the feet in the nice cold water

Enjoying a refreshing swim

Relaxing at the campsite
Making dinner

Having dinner

Great place to camp

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