Tim’s Place, Coral Cove, QLD

Day 255 – 29th October 2011
Tim’s Place, Coral Cove, QLD

This morning we started picking some more photos for the blog. While they were uploading we went for a drive to Bargara. We stopped at the Hummock, an extinct volcanic cone and highest point in the district, overlooking the coastline and surrounding farmlands with their red volcanic soil. Next we took the scenic coastal drive to Bauer Lookout offering views back to Bargara. We returned to Kelly’s beach in Bargara and had lunch. Afterwards Nele went for a snorkel in The Basin, created by the Kanaka settlers - who were brought to Bundaberg to work in the cattle fields in the 1880’s - to make a protected calm water beach for their families. There were a few fishies around but nothing spectacular. Next we drove to Mon Repos Beach, famous as the largest and most accessible turtle rookery in mainland Australia. Turtle nesting season starts in November when Loggerhead, Green and Flatback turtles come ashore to find a safe spot to dig a nest and lay their eggs. Some 6 to 8 weeks later the tiny hatchlings may be seen emerging from their sandy nests to head down to the sea. Unfortunately we are here a week to early to see this amazing sight as nightly guided tours don’t start till next Saturday and the beach is closed at night. We continued on to Burnett Heads where the Burnett River flows out to sea. Their yearly Lighthouse Festival was taking place but as the music wasn’t too flash and there wasn’t much to see and do we quickly moved on and drove back to Tim’s place via Port Bundaberg.

Another local resident

View from Hummock's Lookout

View from Hummock's Lookout

Bargara scenic drive

Bauer Lookout

Kelly's Beach

The Basin

Nele snorkelling

Strange big fish in the sea

Neilson Beach

Mon Repos Beach

Mon Repos Conservaation Reserve

Burnett Heads Lighthouse

Lighthouse Festival

Port Bundaberg

Storage shed at Port Bundaberg

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