Southside Holiday Village, Rockhampton, QLD

Day 248 – 22nd October 2011
Southside Holiday Village, Rockhampton, QLD

This morning we drove out to Sandy Point offering views over Corio Bay and Farnborough Beach. The road, described as rough 2WD, had lots of potholes so was very bumpy and slow, but still worth the drive. Next we returned to Yeppoon and went for a leisurely stroll through this pretty seaside town. Afterwards we continued our way to Rockhampton via the scenic drive. First stop was at Wreck Point Lookout, offering views back on Yeppoon and towards Rosslyn Bay. We continued on to Rosslyn Bay with a look at the marina and a walk in Double Head NP to 2 lookouts, one being the remnants of a millennia-old volcanic plug (700m return – 15min). Next we took a walk at Bluff Point NP to Turtle and Ritamata Lookouts (2km return – 30min). At Emu Park we had a look at the Singing Ship, a memorial to Captain Cook, before finally driving to Rockhampton. In Rocky we visited Quay Street with its many historic buildings and finished the day with a drive up Mt Archer with several lookouts over the city and beyond.

Farnborough Beach


Andrew climbing the dunes at Farnborough Beach

View to Corio Bay

Farnborough Beach

Farnborough Beach

Corio Bay

Fishermen at Corio Bay

Corio Bay

Young lads going fishing

Lots of potholes



Yeppoon Beach


Yeppoon Main Street

Cooee Bay

Wreck Point Lookout

Rosslyn Bay Marina

Rosslyn Bay Marina with view to Double Head NP

Remnants of a millenia-old volcanic plug

Double Head NP Lookout

Kepple Bay Island in the distance

View of Kemp Beach

Bluff Point

Turle - water is a bit brown at the moment

Ritamata Lookout

View from Bluff Point Np to Double Head NP

Kinka Beach

Singing Ship at Emu Point

Emu Point

Singing Ship - the sea breeze produces
a musical sound through the fluted pipes

Customs House at Rockhampton

Historic Pub along Quay Street

Quay Street

Fitzroy River

View from Grasstree Lookout

View of the city from Mt Archer

View of the river and city

View of the surrounding hills

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