Big Crystal Creek Campsite, Paluma Range National Park, QLD

Day 239 – 13th October 2011
Big Crystal Creek Campsite, Paluma Range National Park, QLD

After a look at Allingham’s (the official name for Forrest Beach) beach - as we didn’t really see it last night as it was almost dark when we arrived - we travelled to Ingham to fill up the fuel tank and get some more groceries. Next we drove via a very winding road to Girringun NP to view the Wallaman Falls, Australia’s longest sheer drop waterfall spilling 305m down. There was some smoke in the air so a bit hazy but still a breathtaking sight. At the campsite area we walked to the rock pools in the hope to spot a platypus but no luck.  After lunch we winded our way back to Ingham – the smoke was clearing up a bit so we had some nice views along the way - and continued on the Jourama Falls, where a short walk took us to a lookout (3km return – 30min). Along the highway we stopped at Frosty Mango for a yummy mango smoothie, before travelling on to Big Crystal Creek Campsite in Paluma Range NP where we set up camp and went for a swim in the cool Paradise Waterhole.
The last few days we have been travelling through the region that was hit by Cyclone Yasi earlier this year and you can really see the damage with a lot of trees down. Most houses that were damage, have either been completely knocked down if the damage was severe or have been fixed by now, occasionally you see a roof that still needs fixing.

Forest Beach

Australia's longest sheer drop waterfall

Wallaman Falls

It's a long way down

Hello there

Rock pools - Girrigun NP

Views driving down from Wallaman Falls

Scenery on the way to Jourama falls

Fully Loaded - Sugar Cane train

Jourama Falls

Paradise Waterhole - Paluma Range NP

Another refreshing swim
Paradise Waterhole - Paluma Range NP

Paradise Waterhole - Paluma Range NP

Big Crystal Creek Campsite - Paluma Range NP

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