Loyalty Beach Caravan Park, Loyalty Beach, QLD

Day 225 – 29th September 2011
Loyalty Beach Caravan Park, Loyalty Beach, QLD

We had set the alarm early to watch the sun rise over the bay but unfortunately clouds covered the sky this morning. Luckily it started to clear up later in the morning so we took the 4WD shortcut to The Tip (shortcut in distance but not in time). It was high tide so we walked over the headland to Australia's most northerly point. We have made it! We started chatting to another SA guy who has been sailing the world for the last 16 years. He offered us some Spanish mackerel he had caught. After the compulsory photo shoot at the tip we had lunch and went for a drive to Somset Beach and did the 5 beaches 4WD loop via Fly Point, Nanthau Beach and Lake Wicheura. Afterwards we decided to drive back to the tip as the tide was out and the weather had cleared up a bit more. So off we went again with this time a walk along the beach leading us to The Tip. Nele watched the sun set while Andrew pumped back the tyres he had to lower earlier for the beach loop. We drove to Loyalty Beach Caravan Park to camp for the night.

4WD short cut to the tip

Dodging the overhanging trees

It's a bit sqeezy

Last section of Beach on Punsand Bay before the tip
We have to walk from

Walking to the tip
Views over Punsand Bay

Getting closer

....and closer

.....almost there

The tip is in sight

We've made it - The Tip of Cape York (Pajinka)

The Tip

The Tip

Proof we made it

Evans Bay
View from the Tip

Punsand Bay
View from the Tip

York Island
View from the Tip

Torres Strait Islands in the disstance
Views from the Tip

Plenty of Palm trees

Last section of Beach on Punsand Bay before the tip

Rainforest - there is a small section of rainforest near the Tip

Andrew lowering the tyre pressure for the 'Five Beaches Loop' drive

Fly Point

One of the five Beaches

the loop drive involves going from beach to headland to beach etc

Driving along the Beach

Views over one of the five beaches

It can get a little sandy and rocky

Slowly as she goes

View of Narau Beach
The loop drive turns inland back to the main road here

Lake Wicheura

Frilled Neck Lizard
they're too quick to get a photo of them running

Back at the tip at low tide

Walking along the beach at low tide to the tip

Punsand Bay at low tide

The tip is still there
Nele is standing a little further out at low tide

Sunset near the tip

Sunset near the tip

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