The Boulders Campsite, Babinda, QLD

Day 233 – 7th October 2011
The Boulders Campsite, Babinda, QLD

And yes, we are on the road again heading south. We didn’t go far as first stop was Gordonvale, a nice little town with its timber pubs and sugar mill. Also known for the place where cane toads were first released in 1935. In the background looms Walsh’s Pyramid, with its 922m one of the world’s highest free standing natural pyramids, and of course we had to climb it! It was quite a tough walk – especially after sitting mostly in the car for the last few weeks. Nele had some trouble getting up as the weather has become hot and sticky (well for us anyway), but she made it after Andrew decided to carry both backpacks (6.5km return – 4h). The views were amazing – definitely worth the walk. Afterwards we continued on to Babinda, the umbrella town attesting to claim to be the wettest town in Australia. We visited the nearby Boulders, where we had a refreshing swim and camped for the night. 

Walsh's Pyramid, Gordonvale

The Olde Gordonvale Pub

Sugar Mill

Mural depicting the release of the cane toad

Start of the Walsh's Pyramid walk

Having a rest
Andrew carrying both backpacks

The end is in sight

Breathtaking view

Nele enjoying the views after the difficult climb

More views

You can see the coast in the distance

On our way back down

Vegetation along the way

Babinda, umbrella town

Babinda main street

Sugar cane train

Babinda State Hotel

Babinda Boulders - ready for a swim

Enjoying a very refreshing swim

Babinda Gorge
Boardwalk to lookout

Lookout at Babinda Gorge

Cute turtle

Black eel

Playing hide and seek

The Boulders Campsite

Nightly visitors - we aren't sure but think they might be native rats

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