Cullen Point Campsite, Mapoon, QLD

Day 221 – 25th September 2011
Cullen Point Campsite, Mapoon, QLD

We left early this morning to drive to Weipa, again a long drive but luckily the closer we got to Weipa the better the road became. Along the way we had a short stop at Archer River Roadhouse where a memorial is dedicated to Toots, a tough-talking female trucky and a Cape York legend. At Weipa we had a look at the wharf and coastline at Evan's Landing and drove past Lake Patricia and Lake McLeod before arriving at Nanum where the caravan park, acting as the local visitor information centre, is. We got a permit to camp at Mapoon so after a quick lunch at Rocky Point, we continued on. Leaving Weipa we had to cross 2 one-lane bridges where we had to give way to oncoming traffic (where we thought is was very difficult to see if a car was coming towards us or moving away if they didn’t have their lights on). At Mapoon we went for a stroll looking for that beautiful white sanded beach we were told about, but didn't see. Not too impressed with the scenery here but happy there was a cold shower so we could freshen up a bit.

A few km's of relief before.......  
corrugations, the corrugations
No the vegetation on the left is not dead, that's dust from traffic due to prevailing winds 
Lookout - Road Train 
Best to stop - all we can see is the car aerial 
Scenery - taller vegetation 
Stop lights? - Crossing a mining road near Weipa 
Lorim Point - Rio Tinto Alcan loading wharf 
Evans Landing, Weipa 
Andrew looking for fish - Evans Landing, Weipa 
Gonbung Point, Weipa 
Gonbung Point, Weipa 
Lake Patricia, Weipa 
Rocky Point, Weipa 
Rocky Point, Weipa 
View of road / train bridge across Mission River inlet, Weipa 
Single lane - right of way to who ever gets there first
Road / train bridge across Mission River inlet
Cullen Point, Mapoon 
Cullen Point, Mapoon 
Cullen Point Campsite, Mapoon 
Nele had a nice surprise in the toilets

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