Murray Falls Campsite, Murray Falls National Park, QLD

Day 237 – 11th October 2011
Murray Falls Campsite, Murray Falls National Park, QLD

This morning we did the Paronella Park day tour, where a guide takes you around revealing the history behind the park. Afterwards we drove to Mission Beach, where we had a look at yet another stunning beach, and on to Clump Point Lookout and Bingil Bay for lunch. We continued on to South Mission Beach where a memorial marks the Old Mission Site, the 1914 established Queensland Government mission to which Aboriginals where removed (hence the name of the town). Next we visited Tully with the big Golden Gumboot, a reminder of the 7.9m of rain the town received in 1950. You can climb the boot to a platform offering a view over the Tully Sugar Mill. We quickly did some grocery shopping before driving out to Murray Falls where we enjoyed a refreshing swim in the natural pool and got attacked by March flies.

For more info on Paronella Park go to their website:

The Castle of Paronella Park

Paronella Park

Grand Staircase - Paronella Park

Waterfall - Paronella Park

Snapping Turtle - Paronella Park

House of Jose & Margarita Paronella -the founders of the Park

Lower Refreshment Rooms

Kauri Avenue - Paronella Park

'Lovers Lane' leading to the 'Tunnel of Love'
Paronella Park

Andrew standing in front of the 'Tunnel of Love'
Paronella Park

Swing Bridge - Paronella Park

Mena Creek - view over Paronella Park

Drive into Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Bingal Bay

Bingil Bay

Clump Point Lookout

Jetty - Mission Beach

Mission Beach

Mission Beach with views of Hinchinbrook Island

Bruce Hwy near Mission Beach
Noticed the damage to the rainforest vegetation due to Cyclone Yassi

Damage to the rainforest vegetation due to Cyclone Yassi
It looks as if the vegetation has been thinned out and the tops of tress have been lopped

Nele & the Big Golden Gumboot - Tully
-the boot height represents the annual rainfall of 1950 - 7.9m!

Tully - Sugar Cane mill in full swing

Scenery - drive to Murray Fall NP

Murray Falls

a refreshing dip in the natural pools of the Murray River

Natural Pools - Murray River

Murray Falls Campsite
too many March Flies this time of Year

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